Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moving Day

Hello friends,

We're cutting the ribbon on a shiny new website that has a built in blog so it's time to say goodbye to this one. We would love if you would take a peek at the new site!

 We'll get to blogging there asap, but in the meantime we have added many galleries in our new portfolio section and links in the press section of work never shared here. There is so much pretty to see!

Thanks so much for your support.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I met Alisha when she was 18.  She worked at the coffee shop next to the flower shop where I worked.  She was sweet and silly and had a funny laugh and she kept me properly caffeinated.  Later she became my coworker and then my friend.  And 12 (?) or so years later, also known as last month, she got married.  She asked me to do her flowers of course.  She just sent me a link to her pinterest board and said "you know what I like."  And I do.  I like it too.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

on snobbery

There is a tremendous amount of pressure on us garden style florists to use only extremely hard to find garden flowers and only the most exotic specimens of those.  I can't even count the times a week I see on instagram someone talking about how they "foraged" their flowers (hopefully NOT from somebody's garden, but you never know).


I love those flowers too, but I'm a business person, not a 20 year old sunhat wearing independently wealthy vagabond who drives around clipping things from yards instead of buying them at the flower market.
Sorry if that sentence seems random, but I have a feeling it will get a few cheers from some of you.


It's hard to not be jealous seeing other people get their hands on amazing flowers.  Of the NYC florists who get to use varieties I've never even seen before.  But then I try and check my privilege and consider the florists in the middle of the country with no local markets who are jealous of what we can get in LA.


Which brings me to these centerpieces from yesterday.  A bride who wanted all white and was extremely concerned that nothing show any tiny trace of browning or bruising had me reaching for varieties that are considered passe amongst many modern garden florists.  I ended up loving what I made, and it was a flower recipe with ingredients that most florists should be easily able to get their hands on.


I love using more unusual flowers and I will always do my best to source from local growers as much as possible.  That said, it's so nice to have this reminder that Columbian hydrangeas can still be graceful, that traditional roses can sometimes work as well as garden roses, and that queen anne's lace can be graphic and modern.  It's all in the styling.


Brides and flower enthusiasts, sorry about this post.  This one's for my florist readers.  And for them I'm also giving the recipe for this arrangement:

6 white hydrangea
5 Polo roses
3 Vendela roses
5 white freesia
2 white peonies
2 stems of white lisianthus
2 white veronica
3 white stock
1 stem of white campanula
about 1/4 of a field bunch of queen anne's lace

and greenery.  I used
-1 branch of tree ivy
-3 stems of brake fern
-2 hosta leaves


Friday, July 12, 2013

Timanda + Martha

Today I helped my girl Heather with an install at Casa Romantica in San Clemente. And it made me think of the last time I was there, for Tim and Amanda's wedding last September. Amanda founded a little blog you may have heard of . And the wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings (both the summer real weddings print edition and online here.)

It would be difficult to adequately explain how incredible and gratifying and humbling it felt when the best of the best of the best asked me to be on her dream team of wedding vendors. And tougher explain how it felt when I found out the wedding would be in Martha.  With a 16 page spread.  So I'll just show the pictures and leave you with these two words: Head Explosion. Okay, two more: Heart Explosion.

Thanks to Amanda and Tim for choosing us.  And thanks to all of these amazing people who helped make this wedding beautiful:

Photography: Max Wanger / Event Planning: Bash, Please / Videography: Sharkpig / Location: Casa Romantica / Ceremony and dinner reception music: Elan Artists / DJ: The Flashdance / Flowers: Honey and Poppies / Rentals: Yeah! RentalsCasa de PerrinSignature Rentals, and Bountiful / Linens: La Tavola / Fringe and balloon installation: Geronimo Balloons / Wedding cake: Sweet and Saucy. Smaller cakes: Porto’s Bakery / Catering: 24 Carrots / Bartending: Pharmacie / Photo booth: Smilebooth / Transportation: Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car / Save the date video filming: Scott Clark